Market Guidelines

Eastbourne Market Goals

The Eastbourne Lions Eastbourne Market is a non-profit, community-run venture, organised by volunteers. Any surplus goes back into the organisation and promotion of further markets and donations to community projects as selected by the Market Committee.

Today’s Lions are men and women who have fun volunteering together, and share the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Lions are a network of 1.3 million people in over 200 countries and geographic areas from around the world, who work together to improve our local communities.


Market Rules

These are the terms and conditions that apply when you apply for and are allocated space for a stall at the times when a Eastbourne Market is held. In these terms a reference to “we” or “us” means the Market Committee set up by The Lions Club of Eastbourne and a reference to “you” means the person who has applied for and been granted space for a stall on the day of an Eastbourne Market. 

Applications To Become  a Stallholder At Eastbourne Market

To become a stallholder at an Eastbourne Market you must:

  • complete the Stallholder Application form. You must submit the completed form to us online and include any reasons why you should be allocated a stall (if you do not reside or are connected to a person who resides in Eastbourne):

  • appreciate that the Market Committee reserves the right to decline any application without being required to give any reason for doing so.

Terms Applying to Applications for Food Stalls


Any persons applying for a food stall (including sweets, cakes, biscuits) must:

  • comply with Hutt City Council (HCC) by laws and regulations which vary depending on the operation proposed. If the purpose of the stall is:

    • for charitable purposes, you must complete a “Notification of a Food Stall” form and submit to the Council within 5 working days prior to the Market.  There is no fee for this;

    • for commercial gain or profit but is a one- off (once per year only) event, you must complete a “Notification of a Food Stall” form and submit to the Council within 5 working days prior to the Market, together with the required fee of $45;

    • for commercial gain or profit and is intended to operate more than once per year, you must register as a business under the appropriate Risk Based Measure with the Council and pay the required annual fee.

  • all the necessary forms are available online at Please note these fees are subject to annual review. For further information about Food Stalls contact the duty officer, Environmental Health at HCC Tel. 04 570 6666 or


Where licences/ confirmation of notification of a food stall have been issued by Council, these must be available to be sighted by a member of the Eastbourne Market Committee or an HCC officer on Market Day.

Applicants intending to operate Food Stalls must note the following:

  • you are recommended to label ingredients when selling cakes, food, etc to avoid any problems with food allergies;

  • HCC require food stalls to be covered to adequately protect food from the elements and for general hygiene. Please also refer to the HCC minimum standards for food stalls;

  • you are responsible for providing sufficient waste bins and taking rubbish away from the venue.

Successful Applicants


If your application is successful you:

  • will be notified of your allocated stall number by email. Applicants for Food Stalls will always be subject to compliance with all applicable local authority bylaws, regulations and other requirements;

  • must make payment for your stall within 7 days of the date the notification is sent to the email address you supplied in your application. The payment should be made via direct credit (e.g. internet banking) to the bank account number stated below and on your Stallholder Application form. NO CASH PLEASE.

 Other Information

  • Quality antique and secondhand items may be sold, but the Market Committee reserves the right to decline any application that does not meet the market goals or guidelines.

  • You are responsible for your own pricing.

  • No power access is available at the venue for you.

  • You are expected to comply with all relevant trading laws and Council regulations as appropriate.

  • It is your responsibility for paying any income tax, GST for any produce/products sold.

  • The Market Committee may restrict too many stallholders selling the same product or produce to make the Market successful.

  • The Market Committee bears no responsibility for products or produce sold.

  • No dangerous goods are allowed to be sold on or around the Market. The Market Committee reserves the right to stop sale of any items it considers may cause harm or endanger the public: or sale of any goods that they consider would not be appropriate for the market.

  • No Eftpos or payment facilities are provided by the Eastbourne Market Committee. If required, it is your responsibility to provide your own facility.

Please notify the Market Committee ( ) if you will not be attending and you have already booked your site, as failure to do so may result in a further charge. Once booked, you are not permitted to sub-let your site.

Car parking: We appreciate it if you  park your vehicle(s) away from the direct vicinity of the venue to allow for more public car parking. Please do not use any retailer’s customer parking areas.


No liability to you

If you incur liability in any way, arising out of your application to be or being a Stallholder at an Eastbourne Village Market, e.g the Market Committee cancels a market, neither the Market Committee, The Lions Club of Eastboune, their members nor anybody else, will be under any liability to you at all.

This exclusion does not prevent you getting an order for us to do something we have promised.



There are two stall types:

  • $40 Regular stall 3m x 3m at a cost of $40

  • Not for profit at a cost of $15

Stall sizes are 2m x 2m.

Fees are payable in advance by direct credit payable to ‘Eastbourne Lions' via internet banking. See bank account details below. PLEASE NO CASH for security reasons.

The Eastbourne Market Committee will endeavour to keep fees at this price. If for any genuine reason we need to raise prices then you will be notified well in advance of the next market.

No stall fees are refunded once booked.


Payments via internet banking once your application has been accepted.


Proceeds from Markets

Stallholders’ fees will be reinvested back into planning and promotion of subsequent markets. Other available funds may go to community projects as decided by the Eastbourne Lions. 

Setting Up & Clearing Up

It is your responsibility for providing and setting up your own stall and shelter if you need it.


You may easily find your stall location by viewing a ‘Stallholder List’ provided on the day (see one of the organisers). Stalls will be clearly marked for stallholders on Market day and may not be exceeded beyond the size allocated. Stallholders that exceed the size allocated may be required to pay an additional fee.


You should be ready to start trading 15 minutes prior to the market opening time and should be vacated within 30 minutes of the market closing time.


You will be responsible for safely removing your stall at the end of the market and ensuring that all rubbish around their stall is removed.


The Eastbourne Market Committee reserves the right to render a cleaning charge for any mess left at the end of the market by you, where that mess occupies the space which you had booked and used.


Toilet facilities: handwashing and toilet facilities will be available for you.




It is your responsibility to provide any shelter your stall requires to deal with sun, rain or where necessary, wind. It must be safe and secure and not create a risk of danger to the public or other Stallholders.  Stall holders are liable for any damage caused by items or equipment from their stall.  Please consider how you will safely secure your stall equipment and products.

The market will aim to run in all weather conditions, however, the Eastbourne Market Committee reserves the right to make a final decision in exceptional circumstances and will aim to notify you as early as possible.  Sunday 13th December will be used as a backup date should weather be an issue on 6th December. 


We will update this website and the Facebook page by 10am on the day of the market to advise of a cancellation due to weather.

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